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Facial Cleansers and Toners

 Face & Body Soap For Allergy prone sensitive skin

4.0 oz Bar $4.99

Essential Oil Blend

Each bar is handcut so sizes may vary slighlty and tend to be over 4.0 oz

Choose from:
  • Energizing  Eucalytus
  • Spearmint Oatmeal
  • Exotic  Orange
  • Patchouli Oatmeal
  • SoothingLavender Oatmeal
  • Refreshing Citrus
  • Oatmeal Awakening
  • Peppermint Oatmeal

Made with the purest ingredients and devoid of colors and dyes that wreck havoc on sensitive skin.  Adiva House soaps are chockful of beneficial herbs and oatmeal to gently clean without drying skin.  Excellent for allergy prone sensitive skin

Facial Cleansers  

4.0 oz  $19.99
1.0 oz Sampler $ 4.99

Essential Oil Blend

Facial Cleansers

Adiva House Facial Cleansers are so gentle that they can even be baby's first cleanser.  It's made with an infusion of green tea, neem, rosemary, lavender, orange, turmeric & licorice root in a base of saponified olive oil.

  • Soothing Lavender
  • Excellent for acne prone skin
  • Invigorating Rosemary      
  • Improve sluggish circulation
  • Sensual Sandalwood 

    For dry, red, itchy, chapped skin

Facial Cleansing Grains   

6.0 oz  $19.00
1.0 oz  Sampler $4.99
Activator   4.0 oz  $10.00

Facial Cleansing Grains

Facial Cleaning Grains

For sensitive irritated skin that cannot tolerate soaps and cleansers. These grains provide just the right amount of emollients while cleaning without stripping skin of natural oils. Use as many times as you want during the day to calm and restore skins natural balance. Mix with activator to activate the natural benefits of these grains

ACTIVATOR Nutritious and extremely beneficial flower essences to mix with the grains or use alone as a toner

Activator for Facial Grains

Cleopatra's Facial Cleansing Beads 


Choose From:

  • Lavander & Tea Tree
  • Orange & Rosemary
  • Rose & Sandalwood
Facial Cleansing Beads

Cleansing Beads

Most Gentle, All Natural, Superbly Moisturizing

Glycerin Soap

With anti-inflamatory turmeric and sandalwood!


Glycerin soap

Facial Moisturizer


Choose from:

  • Coco Orange
  • Floral Essences
  • Mogra
Facial Moistirizer


Herbal Facial Toner 4.0 oz $19.99   1.0 oz Sampler $4.99

Skin Type

Oily Skin Toner 

Normal Combo Toner

Perfect to absorb excess oil that makes you prone to clogged pores, breakouts and zits. It is alcohol free unlike many of the toners in the market and does not dry skin unnaturally. It contains extracts of herbs like parsley, orange, sage, rosemary, fennel seeds that are natural astringents and antiseptics helping to draw out secretions without drying the skin and help tighten pores naturally

Normal / Combination skin

Normal Combo Toner

Normal/Combination skin, contrary to popular belief, also needs taking care of in a regular manner. Immediately after cleansing, your facial skin is naked, and stripped of secretions that are a natural protection barrier. This is the best time to apply something that will have maximum penetration to strengthen, balance and tone. Adiva House Normal skin toner does exactly that to give you a dewy fresh complexion

Dry/Sensitive Skin toner

Normal Combo Toner

Loaded with herbal extracts that are soothing and emollient. It contains herbs like calendula flowers, lavender flowers, lemon balm, rose petals. Glycerin, a natural humectant helps draw in moisture. Use immediately after cleansing while skin is still moist.

Blemish Eraser

Blemish Eraser

A special blend of powerful botanicals to fight skin irritating pollutants for naturally glowing skin.